Post-Production update – Trailnotes is almost here!

Hey Guys,

So after almost a year in the making, spending weekends and early mornings chasing the light we have officially completed all filming. This has been an epic mission to get interviews, consents/releases to pull this project off and an enormous amount of planning has been put in. Over the last 2 months the Cadre team has been locked to the edit suite compiling and getting Trailnotes completed. Hundreds of gigabytes and hours of footage has been reviewed to pick the best footage and create the most cohesive story possible. We are dropping some behind the scenes updates in the next month to give you some insights into how the film was made, some of the challenges we faced and a teaser for what will be released. Keep an eye out for official release dates and screening times

Lots of exciting news to come but back to the edit suite we go….to watch the rendering go slow!